Friday, July 31, 2009

Show it and they will come!

Well, we didn't expect it, but for the second time in one month Jim and I presented a CBT Technique Lecture/Demo at the SFCitadel to a big crowd. Not only that but the people who attended on July 22nd were a totally different group that the ones who showed up on July 10--are that many ball players in San Francisco?
These lecture/demos are made incredibly easy by the fact that Jim gets so tough when the lights go up...and he was tough to start with. No matter what I do, Jim can take it so of course we gravitate towards heavy ball hitting. Since that is the hardest of the testicle tortures to handle out of the usual four (ball pulling, electro-stim, nut crushing, and percussion) we do a lot more hitting than any beginner could handle. Editing the video I was struck by now many TIMES I struck Jim, somewhere around three hundred separate hits, right in the groin!
In the next few days we'll have the entire series of Cock and Ball Torture Lecture/Demos up for sale on, the ones done in Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, San Francisco, and now the second San Francisco show. Or, come to think of it you could just call the orderline, 1 888 811-8828.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness-Cock and Ball Style

Have you ever noticed how few words there are that are positive about being into sex and variety? Here we are living in a country that was actually founded on ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, where ‘personal expression’ should be ‘creative and individual”. Yet, is there anything more personal than sex? Saint Harvey of Milk asked the question best, how is it that we are expected to do lovemaking by the book when it is the most personal expression of all? And, what book? I didn’t get my copy.

Now, it’s not like I can’t take directions, I just find it more fun to give them. This is not to say that handing over the car keys and being taken for a drive through your own nervous system isn’t a good idea for Tops—God forbid they should learn something! I started topping (bondage and torture sex to orgasm) at 11 and wasn’t even tied down till nearly two decades later. This pretty much guaranteed that I was a slow learner; it was the other guy who was suffering for my mistakes...
Roger of Shotgun

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nothing like a hard dick and balls pulled high or low!

Torture for Beginners; CBT, Pain, Ball Bashing, The Usual Testicle Targeting

Every time I play with someone new I realize how little I know about anybody, much less my new partner. Everybody feels what they feel differently—the sense of touch is radically different, person-to-person. Surprisingly, most people don’t account for that and just touch you the way they like to be touched; after all it’s good enough for them, you ought to like it too, right? Maybe, maybe not, there’s just a huge gulf of difference in how we live in our bodies. Some guys like it slow and firm, others like it fast, right now, and what are you waiting for? Not only that, but few people have the vocabulary or the nerve to tell you exactly what they like and how they like it. I do, but that’s not fair as I am a guy who is an extrovert, a risk taker. and a sex maniac—or is that redundant?

For those of us who play with new partners it makes sense to realize that you’re in bed with an alien. How does this guy talk (in terms of body language)? How does he hear, or in terms of sensation how does he feel what he feels? Does he come easily or not at all? I haven’t got a clue, but finding out can be a lot of fun. There is an intuition about how that other person is experiencing what you’re doing that can kick right in if you cultivate it. And wouldn’t it be scary to have encounters with new people is that intuition didn’t exist? Just as all the best conversationalists are defined by the quality of their listening skills, your status as a great lover starts with your physical and emotional ‘listening skills’. That other person is telling you volumes about what they feel and what they want, without saying a word, you just have to learn how to listen.

I think you start by devoting your total attention to them. No TV, no video, no thoughts about what you’d like for dinner (besides him, I mean)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Testicles in a vice

Thank you for all who attended last nights event at the Citadel in San Francisco. If you didn't get enough or want to learn more in a hands on; yes, anyone interested will have the opportunity to participate in CBT on Jim Roberts, then plan to attend the July 22nd event at the San Francisco Citadel.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why the gear and bondage?

I got a question from one of my more conservative friends’ yesterday---“Why do you have to go to all that trouble with the gear and the bondage and the what, it looks like tools instead of sex toys, why can’t you get off on just sucking and fucking? That’s a reasonable question, although there are a lot of incorrect assumptions in it. I don’t ‘have to’, none of us ‘have to do anything’, it’s a choice, and a fun one. And, I suppose it’s only bother and trouble if you think of it that way instead of as an adventure. And who said we stopped enjoying sucking and fucking? You don’t have to be jaded to enjoy different music rather than the one or two songs you’ve been singing...or making the other guy sing, depending.

It’s natural to look for pleasure in the same places; after all it’s worked for you before. And most people think they ‘know what works for them’ which is a maybe-more-than-half-truth. The danger with half-truths is that there is enough genuine accuracy in them to make them look like the whole story. Except, as Rummy would have it, you don’t know what you don’t know.

We don’t learn about sex sitting in an armchair, we get in the water and do our best to learn how to swim. Its physical experience and skill that we learn, not just concepts. Along the way we learn what turns us on and what doesn’t. Who says we have to stop learning once we know how to stay afloat? What turns us on changes over time, and some new things can be surprisingly, perversely exiting.

How many times have I heard, “But I’m not into bondage!”? I’ve got a ready answer to that, and to the rest of the ‘I’m-not-intas”—let’s let your dick tell us both how much or low little you like it. Regardless of your preconceptions or opinions it’s going to either wake up and look for the party or slumber on. It isn’t much of a half-truth when your dick goes rock hard, you’re on to something. In other words, The Dick Never Lies, or In Penis Veritas! It’s been my experience that the more a guy holds onto the attitude that he knows everything he’s into and doesn’t want to try anything new, the less happy he is with his sex life. Are you happy with yours? When was the last time you tried something new? It’s not a diet of constant novelty that does it, it’s the playful attitude and open mind that is necessary for good sex. Come to think of it, if it really isn’t play it can become work. How many people are working too hard to enjoy themselves in a sandbox that is just too small? Lovemaking improves as well with a lighter heart, maybe even more so. When you were discovering the one you love chances are you tried a lot of stuff....or just kept coloring between the lines. And yes, I did learn about sex in grammar school, why do you ask?