Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Endurance Series

There's been a lot of talk about the Endurance series of videos (at ... that they're rough enough to scare some people. Not everyone wants to see real testicle torture and ultra-heavy bondage. Then we got a call from a long time customer who had bought Out of Bounds. "OK, it's great that these guys can get their balls kicked from there to Thursday without being tied up, but I want the bondage!", he said. "Now, this Endurance Three, this is more like it--why didn't you sell that to me in the first place?"
That's sort of hard to answer when he had specifically asked for Out of Bounds himself...and I was afraid that anything from the Endurance line would be too much for him. Man, was I wrong, he had called up to order all three of them. Hope he likes it rough, this kind of ball bashing isn't for everyone!

Friday, June 3, 2011

New Releases, New Prices

We've got good news, and then we've got better news. First, we have three new releases of ball-busting CBT videos up now at --the pics are from Stand and Deliver. If you like muscles, bondage, and ball bashing this one's for you!
Second, we've dropped our prices on the entire catalog. You remember the volume discounts? You know, buy three or four and get a substantial percent off list? Well, we went even lower for that for each individual DVD and now you don't have to buy a bunch to get a great price. Of course that means you don't get a volume discount now but the prices have been dropped even lower than the BEST of the previous great deals. Checkitout, you may want to full out your catalog!