Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New DVD released-- Endurance Vol. TWO!

The best Predicament Bondage is when you are tied down so securely that you can’t move ...but it you HAVE to move...except when you move it hurts more! Bodybuilder Derek Pain came to us with a taste for extreme bondage. How could we tie him up like he'd never been tied before? Well, if a spectacular bod, handsome face, and true masculinity like that doesn't inspire you, you might as well hang up your cuffs! It takes a twisted mind and a well-equipped dungeon to have the kind of vertical and horizontal attachments necessary to tie someone like this and fortunately... we have both!

Ordinarily we'd have a new video like this up on our shopping cart at but we JUST finished it and haven't written the software for that yet. Even so you can get your copy of Endurance Vol. TWO by calling the 24 hr Orderline, 1 (888) 811-8828. And yes, Derek really IS that well-built!