Thursday, June 25, 2009

San Francisco Citadel

July 10, 2009 8:00 PM

Ball-Busters Play Party

at the San Francisco Citadel
Roger and the absurdly sexy Jim Roberts will be there to greet you and maybe show you a perverse ball-bashing technique or two....or three...or maybe get a good look at some of your own. If you haven't been to the Citadel yet you owe it to yourself to check it out--what kind of a self-respecting cosmopolitan city wouldn't have a well furnished public dungeon?

July 22, 2009 8:00PM

Cock and Ball Torture Lecture/

SF Citadel
Roger and Jim Roberts will show you how it’s all done! Whether it’s pulling, pressure, percussion, electricity, wax, or any of a number of other categories of... stimulation...or real torture...., when you’ve got ‘em by the balls, you’ve got power. Genital torture requires a variety of techniques that are teachable, learnable, and today, physically demonstrable. How to make it hurt good, and otherwise, safely, relatively sanely, and still have them beg for more...or really beg for less.... You know you’ve had a great CBT date when you get both 24 red roses AND slashed tires....


Who knows where it comes from, but some days you feel, hey! I've got to tie some guy down and rack his balls. Or, if you swing the other way, some days you know that you're not going to sleep at all unless you get some knuckles in the nuts. You haven't felt that way, either side? Well, don't look now, but you might, especially if you've done it even once before. It doesn't make much intuitive sense, but testicle pain can be incredibly sexy for both the nut-buster and the -bustee.
But where do these feelings come from the first time. Some guys just fall into it, say wrestlers who get a cheap shot to the balls and then are embarassed as hell when they get an erection. Same thing for rugby, football, and especially water polo--I think it's required to be a testicle sadist to be on a water polo team. Sometimes though, nearly everybody has the thought cross his mind that getting tied down might be interesting, maybe far too interesting. Or maybe they have the nerve to share with a play partner that they'd maybe like to bind them and see what comes.....up!
I don't think these feelings are coming from suggestions from the media, or friends, or other outside influences, I think they are wired in. What made the boys in my neighborhood want to play Cowboys and Indians and always have the indians tie up the cowboys and subject them to various Indian tortures? Well, in my neighborhood it was me, and even at 11 years old I made sure that no victim ever got tied down without getting sore balls. Back then I had no technique, didn't know how to make it hurt good, had no idea about consent issues or safety issues, I just knew what I wanted I always wanted to be the Indian, and to do my best to make up for years of Indian mistreatment by dive-bombing Cowboy balls. OK, mixed metaphor, but it's amazing how many of the boys in my old neighborhood developed a taste for it. Many of 'em learned to love it and some loved to hate it but surprisingly few didn't want to play our painful games.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

About Roger

Roger of Shotgun
Roger of San Francisco is a S&M and bondage professional, teacher, and player. Roger is a master of gradual, physical S&M, from sensual to intense, and specializes in CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) and TT (chestwork). Although dominant and sadistic, Roger works well with both nervous beginners and experienced players. Roger has appeared in a number of SHOTGUN VIDEOS, and works primarily in his well-equipped San Francisco Dungeon. Travel is available for advanced CBT players. His ground rules are simple and unchanging: NO fluid exchange or other unsafe practices, NO harm done, NO safe words, and NO drugs.


  • 5'5"
  • 180LBS, 30W
  • 44C, 16A, 24Q