Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vice Versa Volume One

New release, July 7th, 2013

Vice Versa Volume One

Tall, bearded, muscular, dominant, and sadistic--Lexx is a perfect Top—and he screws like a champ!
He knows how to work over a guy and make sure he gets into it!
Lexx has HUGE, tough balls and Nobody can defeat him in a pulling contest!
He chains his and Jim Roberts balls together and whacks  Jim’s nuts with his fist and several heavy clubs.
Lexx  then drills Jim’s muscular butt with his thumb, larger and larger toys, his own big dick, and even his fist as he continues to pound Jim’s sore, swollen balls. There is no script, no acting, and no faking—this is what happens in a real S&M dungeon when tough, experienced and intense Sadist/Switch players get together!

Head over to Roger of SF and get it now!
 Vice Versa Volume One

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