Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vice Versa Volume One

New release, July 7th, 2013

Vice Versa Volume One

Tall, bearded, muscular, dominant, and sadistic--Lexx is a perfect Top—and he screws like a champ!
He knows how to work over a guy and make sure he gets into it!
Lexx has HUGE, tough balls and Nobody can defeat him in a pulling contest!
He chains his and Jim Roberts balls together and whacks  Jim’s nuts with his fist and several heavy clubs.
Lexx  then drills Jim’s muscular butt with his thumb, larger and larger toys, his own big dick, and even his fist as he continues to pound Jim’s sore, swollen balls. There is no script, no acting, and no faking—this is what happens in a real S&M dungeon when tough, experienced and intense Sadist/Switch players get together!

Head over to Roger of SF and get it now!
 Vice Versa Volume One

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Got some new releases out...

Eric Michaels, along with Derek da Silva, Jim Roberts, and maybe the great Colt man Bruno headline any list of the sexiest men in video. In just a week we'll release Excruciating Eight starring Keith and Derek and Jim but today we have great news--Eric Michael's Ball Bust! is now available at We put Eric through hell to make this DVD, hitting, crushing, and even digging c-clamps deep into his testicles. We worked him hard enough to make a grown man cry....and then past that....and what did we get? Eric is so tough that he stayed with it, shooting through the pain and holding on for more torture to get his Tops off. Eric had set his mind to not just endure a day-long session of genital torture but to get off on it. As you can see from the pics below, the pain was real, and Eric'd dick was hard as a rock.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Shotgun Release, Eric Michael's Ball Bash!

Buy Eric Michael's Ball Bash on

The action starts with full bondage, black leather straightjacket, and blind-fold as the vise crushes thirteen (!) spurts out of our victim.

It hurt so good, a week later Eric asked Keith and Roger for the works--even more intense bondage and as much testicle and chest torture as he could stand—and then more to get them off!

Very few younger men are anywhere near as built or as tough as Eric, and few men of any age can translate relentless genital torture into this kind of genuine sexual ecstasy. Even though the pain brought him to tears, Eric just got harder and harder--he actually shot his brains out because the pain had turned to pleasure!

New Shotgun Release, Tough Guy!

THE ‘Tough guy’ could only be none other than Jim Roberts, the man who showed the nation how to turn on to extreme testicle torture. This masculine and built man doesn’t feel pain like ordinary men!

Over the course of a week we hit his tightly pulled balls

more than a thousand times. We used a paddle, baseball bat, and the kind of rubber mallet that you use to pound out dents in automobile fenders. This relentless, painful ball bashing was not only safe (Jim has steel balls!), but intensely sexual--the more it hurt the bigger Jim’s dick got!

Is this torture or is this pleasure? YES!

Head over to RogerOfSF now and get it!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stick 'em UP!

. One of the greatest on-screen stars we (or any other video company) has ever had have been Keith and Derek da Silva. Both of 'em are short, built, and sexually creative enough to scare most people. Why is it that we are expected to be as creative as possible in all areas of our lives expect in the most personal expression of all?
. Derek and Keith left any such repression behind long ago--just look at all those needles and the steel rod SPIKE stuck down Derek's dick! We don't have the video 'Stick 'em UP!' finished as a DVD for sale yet, but it's up for view at
Often, the best thing a director can
do is cast the best men he can and then
just shut up! That's clearly the case with
Stick 'em UP! as Keith is clearly the Top,
and the director got to sit back and watch
a real show! We usually don't show this
level of intensity with cock torture, but
what the hell, Derek is one tough dude.
Word has it that he's also a kick-ass Top....
..but does he expect his bottoms to be as
tough as he is? We'd like to find out!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rolf, shown here in a scene from Excruciating Seven has a great bod.... and all the more so when he's getting his testicles electrocuted. Ordinarily he's a very sadistic Top, can't hear a guy scream too much....and then.... there comes these times when he gets curious again, how much pain is --too much pain--? How much torture can he stand before he freaks out? And what's it like if the torture doesn't stop when he does freak? We got it on video, Rolf got ALL the torture he asked for!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No-exit, no-mercy....

Another pic from Endurance Three--Anthony wanted to know "Just how much testicle pain was unbearable?" Well, we had to help him out, although we warned him that some educations were more expensive than others. "You're not claustrophobic, are you?" we asked. "No, no, I love bondage, the more the better, make it so that I can't stop you from doing ANYTHING!". "You're not afraid of metal bondage are you?". "Great!". We're not sure if the Endurance series is more about inescapable bondage or more about genital torture, but one thing for sure, it was all consensual. Of course, once the consent had been GIVEN.....