Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stick 'em UP!

. One of the greatest on-screen stars we (or any other video company) has ever had have been Keith and Derek da Silva. Both of 'em are short, built, and sexually creative enough to scare most people. Why is it that we are expected to be as creative as possible in all areas of our lives expect in the most personal expression of all?
. Derek and Keith left any such repression behind long ago--just look at all those needles and the steel rod SPIKE stuck down Derek's dick! We don't have the video 'Stick 'em UP!' finished as a DVD for sale yet, but it's up for view at
Often, the best thing a director can
do is cast the best men he can and then
just shut up! That's clearly the case with
Stick 'em UP! as Keith is clearly the Top,
and the director got to sit back and watch
a real show! We usually don't show this
level of intensity with cock torture, but
what the hell, Derek is one tough dude.
Word has it that he's also a kick-ass Top....
..but does he expect his bottoms to be as
tough as he is? We'd like to find out!

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